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Stay heart healthy, let's begin with a low-salt eating habit

Stay heart healthy, let's begin with a low-salt eating habit. Controlling the amount of sodium (or salt) intake is essential in keeping a healthy heart. Excessive sodium intake is related to increased blood pressure and heart disease. In a heart- healthy diet, adults should consume no more than 2400 milligrams of sodium a day*, which is around a teaspoon of salt. Many ready-made condiments and processed foods can also be high in sodium. So how can we achieve a healthy, low-sodium eating habit?


1. Reduce the use of salt or other salt-containing condiments during cooking. Natural seasonings such as lemons, vanilla, rosemary, garlic, spring onions, onions and gingers are great substitutes for salt.

2. Eat fresh produce instead of processed foods, canned foods and ready-made meals.

3. When dining out, request less sauce or even ask it be served separately if possible.

4. When buying pre-packaged products, choose those with 'low sodium’ labels.

By following the above tips, hope you may be successful in cutting down salt and to keep a healthy heart.


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