Insurance & Direct Billing

Insurance & Direct Billing
Insurance & Direct Billing

Insurance & Direct BillingHKAH–TW has agreements with most insurance companies in Hong Kong and many international insurers to provide direct billing services to their members for added convenience. You may enjoy direct billing at HKAH–TW if your insurance plan includes credit facility services. Below are some important guidelines for patients who choose to pay through their insurance company:

  • To arrange for direct billing, please contact our Insurance Team at (852) 2275 6038 prior to your appointment or admission date to check if such an arrangement has been established between your insurance company and HKAH–TW.
  • For planned admissions, the appointed insurance company should issue a letter of guarantee to the hospital. Patients may contact the Insurance Team at (852) 2275 6038 to confirm receipt of this letter.
  • Patients are reminded to clarify their coverage details directly with their appointed insurance company prior to their appointment or admission as it may directly affect the choice of room type. This information may be obtained from the patient's employer or insurance broker, or via the hotline printed on the back of their membership card.
  • Patients must pay any outstanding amount to the hospital in full for medical expenses not settled by their insurance company. This may include charges that are not eligible or have exceeded the maximum benefit limit under their contract.
  • Patients under a co-insurance plan will be responsible for any deductibles or charges outside of the covered costs.

Notice for Patients – Out-patient Insurance Claim

For further enquiries, please contact our Insurance Team at:

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