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Maintaining Gut Health

To maintain microbiota diversity, we recommend adopting a healthy diet composed of fruits and vegetables (recommended daily intake: two servings of fruit and three servings of vegetables). Probiotic foods, such as yogurt (one cup of yogurt contains 1 billion bacteria), miso, kimchi, and cheese products, also promote gut health.


One serving of fruit is equivalent to:
• 2 pieces of small-sized fruit, such as kiwi or plum
• 1 piece of medium-sized fruit, such as apple or orange
• Half a piece of large-sized fruit, such as banana or grapefruit


One serving of vegetables is equivalent to:
• Half a bowl of cooked vegetables
• 1 bowl of salad


If you are on medication or antibiotics, or are frequently hospitalized, please consult a registered dietitian to ensure your diet is appropriate for your condition and needs.


Information by: Registered Dietitian from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital - Tsuen Wan