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Is fibre good for the heart?

We all know that dietary fibre can benefit gut health, but it is also proven to benefit heart health. Dietary fiber, in-particular soluble fibre works great at lowering the total cholesterol level and low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (bad cholesterol). There are even more observation research showing that dietary fibre can lower the risk of different kinds of cardiovascular diseases. Here are some ways to boost our fibre intake: 

1) Red rice and brown rice - these have 3 and 6 times the amount of fiber as compared to white rice respectively. Replace these for regular white rice to boost fibre intake.
2) Purchasing vegetables with high fibre - choose fibrous lotus roots, garlic chives, carrots, broccolis, green beans to replace vegetables with less fibre such as lettuce and gourds.
3) Don't peel your fruits - though you should peel tough skins off fruits like oranges and watermelons, do try to eat fruits with edible peels such as apples and pears.

Information by: Registered Dietitian from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital