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Choose your snacks wisely when watching the World Cup!

Many people enjoy having snacks and drinks to enhance the World Cup watching experience. Despite the notorious health detrimental effect of unhealthy snacks, it is not easy to stay away from snacks while watching football with friends and families. For the sake of public health, we have some recommendations on choosing healthier snacks.

1. Consumer council revealed that 40% of chips and crisps are high in fat, trans fat and sodium. Consider the nutrient content per 100 gram food, we recommend choosing food products with less than 120 kcal of energy, less than 20g of total fat and less than 120 mg of sodium.

2. Choose "low fat, low sugar, low salt and high fibre" snacks.For example, 100ml low fat plain yoghurt and 1oz (28g) plain nuts without added salt (equivalent to size of one palm).

3. Water is the best option for drinks. Avoid high calorie drinks such as beer (1 can of beer contains 153 kcal) and coke (1 can of coke contains 139 kcal), which is equivalent to half bowl of cooked white rice.

The abovementioned strategies are tips for choosing healthier snacks. To stay healthy, we recommend eating as less snacks as possible.


Information by: Registered Dietitian from Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
Food Nutrient Calculator, Centre for Food Safety
Consumer Council