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The prevalence of chronic diseases such as cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure continues to increase in Hong Kong, with many of these diseases often linked to poor lifestyle and dietary habits. In view of this, Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan established the Lifestyle Management Center over 30 years ago to promote the benefits of total health and provide dedicated healthcare services to patients and the public. 

The Center is led by a team of professionals comprising registered dieticians, registered nurses, fitness instructors, and health educators. Through professional counseling and support, comprehensive lifestyle assessments, health talks and activities, vegetarian cooking classes, and interactive educational programs, the Center strives to offer support to clients looking to improve their health and enjoy a better lifestyle.



The NEWSTART™ Program 

The NEWSTART Program originated in the United States and aims to help participants prevent and treat chronic diseases through lifestyle changes. Participants undergo a health recovery program that refreshes the body from inside out – through health checks, health classes, exercise, natural treatment, and a balanced, nutritious diet plan, participants are able to improve their health and enjoy deep rest for the body, heart, and soul. Details


Funfit Weight Control Program

The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to balance appropriate exercise with a healthy diet. Our Funfit Weight Control Plan aims to help individuals achieve their goal weight by engaging both fitness trainers and registered dietitians, who work together to develop a personal weight control plan for clients and follow up with them through a communication app. Clients are encouraged to choose their own physical examination plan according to their needs, so that they may have a clearer understanding of their health condition. Details


Vegetarian Cooking Classes 

Through either hands-on or online cooking classes, participants learn how to prepare healthy and delicious vegetarian meals with all-natural ingredients. Our experienced chef also shares helpful cooking tips with participants and invites them to taste the dishes after each demonstration. Details


Exercise Classes 

To cater to the different needs of our clients, the Center offers a variety of fitness classes led by our experienced fitness instructor. Clients of all ages and fitness levels are welcome to join. Details

Personal Training

Our licensedpersonal trainer will design a tailor-made individual exercise plan according to the needs, which to help in achieving goals by instructing the correct exercise methods and techniques. Clients can freely set up a personalized course combination according to the needs of different stages. The Center has a fitness centre in the hospital, which provides one-to-one fitness training programs, exercise assessments, and group physical trainings. Details

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