Biomedical Engineering Technician / Graduate Biomedical Engineer (BMET / GBME)


Job Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Perform technical assessment for medical equipment / system procurement
  • Perform acceptance check and testing & commissioning for medical equipment / systems
  • Provide operation & maintenance services for medical equipment / systems
  • Assist in preparing operation & maintenance guidelines for medical equipment / systems
  • Assist in coordinating and monitoring maintenance services conducted by external services contractors
  • Provide safety, inspection and calibration services for medical equipment / systems
  • Conduct safety case management, safety alert and notices based on safety information from Medical Device Division (MDD) and ECRI.
  • Update medical equipment information on the Clinical Information System
  • Be on call during / after office-hour
  • Work as a team with other staff at the Facility Management, IT, Building Services and Maintenance Departments
  • May need to work in both Tsuen Wan and Stubbs Road Adventist Hospitals
  • Perform any other biomedical / electronics engineering related duties as assigned by the Biomedical Engineer or the supervisor.


Development Potential:

  • Opportunity to join as Assistant Biomedical Engineer (ABME) upon satisfactory completion of 2-years Scheme A training


Application Deadline:

31 December 2021


Job Description:

Provides technical engineering support to nursing and allied health departments with regards to common medical equipment / systems for technical assessment, acceptance check, testing & commissioning, operation, maintenance, safety, inspection and calibration; Recruited as BMET on 3-months probation and be appointed GBME for HKIE Scheme A Training Programme upon satisfactory completion of the probation period.


Qualification and Skillset Required:

  • BSc or BEng in Biomedical Engineering or equivalent; Preferrable GPA 3.0 or above.
  • Preferably have attended biomedical engineering related internship or part time/full time work experience
  • Knowledge of medical equipment technology and life cycle management
  • Documentation, technical report writing and IT/database applications
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