Community Outreach: Elderly Program



Even though it was hard to pay in-person visits and organize activities amidst COVID, our CARE program partnered with Seventh-day Adventist (SDA) Churches, non-profit organizations, and local community members to distribute care packages and organize activities for grassroots families in the various Hong Kong districts.


The packages included food (cooking oil, rice, noodles) and COVID supplies (masks, hand sanitizer, and RAT test kits).


Festive treats, such as mooncakes and Christmas cookies, were added during the holiday season to spread love and care.


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2023 Events
2023 Events







Wheelchair-bound Elderly Enjoy a Day Out with Volunteer Support 


  • Due to COVID, many elderly people have reduced their outdoor activities. To help these seniors relax and unwind, HKAH-TW and the Mountain View Church jointly organized a first-ever local day trip. A total of 100 elderly participants and volunteers attended the event, including low-income elderly, elderly couples, and even wheelchair users. Accompanied by volunteers, they visited various attractions in Sha Tau Kok, such as Kang Yung Study Hall, the Hong Kong Sha Tau Kok Anti-War Memorial Hall, and a farm, where they enjoyed Hakka Poon Choi and DIY Hakka teacakes.

  • 90-year-old Granny Bei Mei, who loves going out, had rarely traveled in the past three years. She exclaimed, "I'm so happy, it's been a long time since I've been out and about!" Some elderly couples were also grateful for the volunteer assistance, as it was difficult for them to join regular tour groups due to the husband's wheelchair use. 





Healthy Hot Cross Buns from our Canteen




Free Medical Checkups for the Elderly  


  • Prevention is better than cure. HKAH-TW has always been concerned about the elderlies' health, and organizes free health check-up events occasionally. In April 2023, along with local District Councilors and Tsuen Wan Church, we provided free medical check-up services to 220 Lei Muk Shue District residents, e.g., testing for blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol. Further, we distributed 440 healthy hot cross buns made by our canteen, representing our mission, to the participants.

  • Some elderlies were happy and relieved to learn they did not have "three highs." Nurses reminded those with high cholesterol to pay attention to their diet. Volunteers also accompanied our elderly friends to chat and invited them to participate in other health activities. 
By Beneficiaries
By Beneficiaries

Granny Leung

75-year-old Granny Leung, an elder living alone, is a recipient of our Christmas care package. "It's very boring to be alone at home. I am so happy today as I can chat with the volunteers."


Granny Leung suffers from cataracts – she cannot see the price tags clearly when shopping; she even had a stroke last February 2021 and needed crutches to get around. As it is inconvenient to go shopping daily, she has to purchase enough food to last several days every time she heads out. She deemed the care package contents, such as rice, noodles, and canned food in the care package, as helpful and practical, "I can have a full meal by just adding some vegetables."

Granny Wong

During a visit to 83-year-old Granny Wong, she expressed her thanks for the helpful care packages, which included rice and Christmas cookies. Since she usually buys 1kg rice packs herself, as she cannot lift any heavier, this care package was well-received.

By Participants
By Participants


Dr. Monty Lee

Vice President of Medical Affairs of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital

Dr. Monty Lee, Vice President of Medical Affairs of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, and his wife (middle) are active participants in the program, which they find meaningful.


"As doctors, patients visit us; this time, I am out to visit others, which is a very different feeling.” He was impressed to see the resilience of these elderly living alone.

Cheung Wing-Ah

Mountain View Activity Center Coordinator

Through the distributions, Ms. Cheung (Mountain View Activity Center Coordinator) gained a deeper understanding about the practical needs of the elderly at the grassroots level. “Many of them have worked hard all their lives but are suffering from illnesses and pains and have lost access to care from their (immediate) community.”


She quoted from Psalm 72:12-13 to encourage more people to participate in the campaign, "For when the poor cry out, He will rescue them; and when there is no one to help the needy, He will rescue them. He will have compassion on the poor and needy, and save the lives of the poor and needy." (Union Version Chinese Bible)



Mr. Alex Lan

CEO of Hong Kong Adventist Hospital
During 2021 Q3 and Q4, we held 3 rounds of visitations and distributions. We distributed 200 packages and maintained follow up contact with 150 families by phone, most of whom were low-income families or elderly people living alone.
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