Wheelchair-bound Elderly Enjoy a Day Out with Volunteer Support

Due to COVID, many elderly people have reduced their outdoor activities. To help these seniors relax and unwind, HKAH-TW and the Mountain View Church jointly organized a first-ever local day trip. A total of 100 elderly participants and volunteers attended the event, including low-income elderly, elderly couples, and even wheelchair users. Accompanied by volunteers, they visited various attractions in Sha Tau Kok, such as Kang Yung Study Hall, the Hong Kong Sha Tau Kok Anti-War Memorial Hall, and a farm, where they enjoyed Hakka Poon Choi and DIY Hakka teacakes.


90-year-old Granny Bei Mei, who loves going out, had rarely traveled in the past three years. She exclaimed, "I'm so happy, it's been a long time since I've been out and about!" Some elderly couples were also grateful for the volunteer assistance, as it was difficult for them to join regular tour groups due to the husband's wheelchair use.


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