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As part of the healthcare team, our hospital pharmacy provides a comprehensive range of quality pharmaceutical services. Patient safety and quality patient care are our top priorities. Our team comprises high-caliber, well-trained professionals, including board-certified clinical pharmacists, registered pharmacists and dispensers. We make use of advanced technology to facilitate our clinical and distributive routines.


Our pharmacists provide clinical services to assist physicians and nurses and educate patients on using medication and the devices.


Unit Dose Dispensing System

The two Hong Kong Adventist Hospitals are among the first in Hong Kong to use the Unit Dose Dispensing system. Medications are dispensed and administered with bar code verification.  The advanced system ascertains patient safety. 


State-of-the-art Technologies

We make the best use of automation and innovation to deliver timely and accurate dispensing services. State-of-the-art technologies are:

  • Automated Dispensing Cabinet (Omnicell), which enhances the efficiency and accuracy of medication delivery;
  • Automatic Tablet Dispensing & Packaging System (JVM), which significantly speeds up the tablet dispensing process;
  • First Databank as the clinical decision support tool, which provides comprehensive checking of drug-drug interactions and allergy contraindications;
  • Ewell as the Barcode Medication Administration (BCMA) tool, which ensures the right drug to the right patient;
  • Quantifi as a tool for clinical pharmacy intervention documentation, which provides a platform to document clinical pharmacy intervention in a systemactic way and to ensure patient care continuity.


These technologies come together in exceptional synergy and render our pharmacy service unique among the private hospitals in Hong Kong.


Professional Medication Counseling for Out-patients

We advocate face-to-face individualized medication counseling for our patients and caregivers to achieve better medication compliance.

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Charges for Common Surgical Procedures
Charges for Common Surgical Procedures

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