The Surgical, Medical, Pediatric, Maternity and Integrated Units in HKAH–TW are nicely decorated and equipped with modern facilities that assure the highest quality of care while ensuring the comfort of our clients in a relaxed atmosphere.

The rates of our standard 3 beds and 4 beds rooms are highly competitive. While most patients would find our standard wards comfortable enough, those who want more privacy may opt for semi-private 2-beds rooms or private single bed rooms.
Surgical Unit / Medical Unit / Integrated Unit

Room Type:

  • Standard (3 / 4 Beds)
  • Standard (2 Beds)
  • Second Class (1 Bed)
  • Premium Private (1 Bed)
  • Deluxe Private (1 Bed)
Delux room
Premimun Room
Premimun Room 2
Semi Private Room
3 beds room
Maternity Ward

The maternity ward at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital – Tsuen Wan is specially designed with patient comfort as a priority: built-in lighting units are adjustable and beds are designed for more comfortable labor and delivery. During deliveries, mothers may stay in the Birthing Suite with their spouses where they are attended by our staff, and are no longer required to transfer to the delivery room or change beds.


Room Type:

  • Deluxe Private Room

  • 2-Bed Room

  • 3-Bed Room

Pediatric Ward

The pediatric ward is on the 16/F of our hospital. There are 51 beds, including eleven three-bed rooms, seven two-bed rooms, two one-bed rooms, one premium private room and one isolation room. Nursing staff of the Pediatric Ward are headed by a Registered Nurse, and her complement of staff nurses.



Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit

Our Intensive Care Unit and High Dependency Unit (ICU & HDU) are a highly specialized area reserved for critically ill patients who require close monitoring, intensive nursing care and complex organ support or intervention. The ICU & HDU are staffed 24 hours a day by critical care specialists, critical care nurses and other specialty physicians (depends on the clinical condition of the patient), who are committed to providing the highest level of clinical care and provide continuous high quality medical services for our critically ill patients.


Our mission is to provide high quality medical services. Patient safetyand improvement in clinical outcome are always our top priorities. We are obliged to serve the best interests of our critically ill patients by providing necessary monitoring, investigations and interventions in a timely manner. Patients’ vital signs are transmitted to a central nursing station monitored by our qualified nurses, so the Critical Care Team is being informed and able to respond to any changes swiftly and efficiently. The unit is also positioned in close proximity to the Operating Theatres, Cardiac Catheterization and Intervention Center (CCIC), Endoscopy unit therefore patients can receive emergency treatments in the shortest possible time.

2 bed room
4 bed room
4 bed room_1905
nurse station
Low-charge Beds

We provide low-charge beds for an option, for details, please refer to Conditions for Low-Charge Beds.