13 May 2022

Hong Kong Adventist Hospital-Tsuen Wan Hepatobiliary and Pancreatic Diagnostic and Treatment Center provides a cross-speciality liver one-stop health service, providing professional, one-stop treatment, covering diagnosis, surgery and postoperative follow-up, and referral to chemotherapy and electrotherapy according to patients’ condition.

All types of treatment are composed of specialist doctors and dedicated nursing staff, including surgical specialists, clinical oncology specialists, radiologists, radiographers, and dietitians, providing a full range of cross-speciality treatments.


Our hospital has always been committed to providing comprehensive services for patients with liver disease. Our specialists provide clinical diagnosis and are equipped with choledochoscopy, 24-hour laboratory and diagnostic imaging services to assist in diagnosis. The aim is to provide appropriate and timely treatment to patients with liver diseases. The specialist team also pays attention to the health of the liver, gallbladder and pancreas, and will regularly publish health information to promote the prevention of liver cancer and liver protection knowledge to the general public.