8 Dec 2022

Charity Cataract Surgery Program—Bilateral Cataract Patient for 20 years, Able to See Buses Post-Surgery

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Granny Lin (81) suffered from cataracts in both eyes for over 20 years. Since she cannot afford cataract surgery at a private hospital, she has to wait for a long time in public hospitals. In the past two years, her vision worsened - she can only see up to a foot away from her left eye. It significantly impacted her daily activities, and she had to rely on others constantly, such as passers-by to help her get on the correct bus buses or neighbors to read her letters.

She recently underwent surgery on her left eye under the "Charity Cataract Surgery Program," funded by the Chow Tai Fook Medical Foundation and BOG-TW. She removed her eye patch 3 days post-surgery, and the vision in her left eye is no longer blurred.

She said, "I am so happy to see flowers and plants." "Thanks to Dr. Tang and the medical staff, I wish them good health and progress in their work.”