Patient Information

In-Patient Admission / Discharge Procedure

Patients are requested to provide the following to the In-Patient Admission / Discharge at the time of registration

  • Doctor’s referral/admission letter
  • Hong Kong ID card or passport or your child's birth certificate
  • Relatives or guarantor’s ID card or passport
  • Deposit: + Refer to the "Daily Room Rates" table or
  • A letter of guarantee from an approved company or insurance company is required
  • Current medication(s) and drugs / food allergy records
  • Related medical investigation report(s) & film(s)
  • A parent or legal guardian will be required to sign hospital documents on behalf of patients under the age of 18 years.


Personal Necessities

  • Please bring your daily personal items (i.e. pyjamas, bathrobe, slippers, shaving instruments, toiletries, dressing gown etc
  • Please bring warm clothing or wraps during the winter season
  • Valuables: Patients are strongly advised to leave their valuables at home. The hospital will not be responsible for any loss
  • Please bring milk powder, milk bottles and nipples for children, if necessary
  • In-patient should bring your own laptop computer for using wireless internet services
  • The above mentioned personal necessities can be purchased from the hospital for a fee


Discharge Procedure

  • The entire discharge process will take approximately one hour.
  • Before a patient can be fully discharged the doctor must sign the “In-patient Discharge Notice”, and if needed prescribe necessary medication.
  • Please take all belongings and upon notification from nurse, please proceed to the Pharmacy.
  • Collect X-ray films before you leave the ward, if necessary.
  • Please remember to bring along your deposit receipt to the In-patient Admission or Discharge afterwards to make a payment.
  • It is our aim to serve you as promptly as possible. If there is any delay during this time we ask for your patience and support. Thank you.



For more details regarding Admission, please feel free to contact us directly by telephone, or visit our website.

Tel : 2275 6022